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OH, SHOW OF MY HEART AND SOUL, HOW I HAVE MISSED YOU. You guys, you guys, you guys. THAT WAS SO GOOD. I LOVE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IN THIS SPACESHIP. I will get to the details in a moment but, seriously now, can we all just take a moment to just be grateful that we live in the era of the Moffat-shaped Who? I want to take that moment. His version of this show is basically catered to me so much that it's mildly ridiculous. I didn't really talk all that much about Season 5 on here because... well, because I didn't? (I have no good reason other than laziness in regards to posting around that tiiiiime.) But in short, Eleven: One Doctor To Rule Them All. And, for me, it was the best season of New Who (I still love Season 3 something fierce but dayum, there were a few dodgy episodes there) hands down, without much contest. AUGH, ILU SHOW.

Anyway! Relevance! The Impossible Astronaut! Thoughts upon!:

AMY POND, YOU ARE STILL MY GIRL, THANK YOU FOR BEING WONDERFUL ALL THE TIME. (Side bar: KGillan, congratz on your genes.) I loved everything about her this episode. The crying over The Doctor's body and then following numbness - "You're still talking but it doesn't matter." The Amy-Doctor dynamic will never not make me do flaily-hands, I don't think, but this episode was on a mission to destroy me on all fronts. Her faces all through "trust me" up until when she swore on fish-fingers and custard (something that matters!) were heartbreaking. Oh, girl, you feel so many feelings and I adore you for it. And then later on in the toilets with the strange, alien thing (which, by the by, are terrifying). "You didn't have to kill her, she couldn't even remember you." SO MANY EMOTIONS, I LOVE IT. And! And then! "I'm pregnant." I was spoiled for that (thank you, facebook, for ruining my lifeeeee) but still! She's pregnant! What is this and what does it have to do with anything ("You will tell him what he must know", was that what she told him? And why did he have to know? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND) and is River pregnant too???

FACEEEEEEEEE. (from he-yah.)

Which, speaking of River, how great is she? I will never, ever understand the hate that River Song gets from certain corners of the beast that is the Who fandom. Her speech to Rory about her relationship with the Doctor was so poignant and painful to hear. "There's a worse day coming for me." -> "The day is coming when I'll look into that man's eyes, my Doctor-- and he won't have the faintest idea who I am." Alex Kingston's delivery of "and I think it's going to kill me" was so on point. askijbfabs MY POOR HEART CANNOT TAKE ANY MORE OF THIS. And Rory's face in response to that!

Rory, Rory, Rory. You wonderful, sweet boy. I actually loved how much Rory and River interacted in this episode. He was so brilliant and solid through that scene underground. His faces! "I don't really have to." !!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man. In this episode though, what stood out to me about Rory the most was his focus after The Doctor died to follow his plan. He spent so much of his life failing to match up to that man, always reminded of him - being made to dress up like him as a child, jealous of the impact he has on Amy and now... here he is, trying to carry out what The Doctor wants him to do. I love Rory/Amy with their wonderfully told love story (THE BOY THAT WAITED, OH GODDDDD), and I loved the kiss on his cheek when she left the TARDIS but-- oh man, there's a whole world of Doctor-Amy (and Doctor/Amy, to some extent) that he's not a part of and sophieisgod  said that somewhere, deep-down and sub-concious, there must have been some ugly relief in his death. And yet he didn't let that show at all. "It matters to him." Pulling Amy out of her shock. OH, RORY. There was this moment, though, in the diner when River says, "I know, Amy. I know" and he kind of turns away and HE LOOKS SO CONFLICTED AND HEARTBROKEN AND OH, BOY, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH YOU BUT I JUST KNOW I WANT TO HUG YOU FOREVER. Also! his interaction with Canton was delightful.

And then there's The Doctor. OH, MATT SMITH, YOU ARE PERFECT. He's always perfect but honestly, he killed me here. The detail in his acting, like the straw are what makes him so great to me. But there's the way he delivers his lines and lands them so right every time. "Don't play games with me. Don't ever, ever think you're capable of that." and "Okay. Swear to me. Swear to me on something that matters." and "My life in your hands, Amelia Pond." He was so on his A Game for that entire scene. I won't gush about him much more because I would just repeat variations on the phrase "BEST DOCTOR EVER" but I will say that I still enjoy all the Touching that goes on between The Doctor and Amy. I SHIP THEM STILL, I CANNOT HELP IT. Especially when she fell towards the end and he rain straight to her, straight away Invading Personal Space. So great. So pretty. Can't help it. THE HEART WANTS WHAT IT WANTS ETC ETC.

General points about the episode:


- I loved the way that, even though The Doctor was still running around doing clever things all episode, this episode was really focused on His Team and how they're helping him. HIS LIFE IN HER HANDS, ETC. This time, they're the ones aware of things that he isn't and it puts an interesting spin on everything that's going on.

- Those aliens are genuinely terrifying. The kind of remind me of The Gentlemen from Buffy, somewhat. It's probably the suits. But, dude, they are super scary. Especially when it was killing that woman. It's mouth! Plus, there's the whole concept of forgetting it when you aren't looking at it. Moffat's "villains" are always based around the scariest of ideas. The corner of your eye. Things moving when you aren't looking. Shadows. Brain-wiping. Forgetting when you aren't looking. I love it.

- LOVE (urgh, I need to find a new word) the idea of silence/secrets that seems to be being set up as a theme for this season.


-THIS IS WHY I LOVE THIS SHOW ABOVE ANY OTHER. Oh, my heart. Cliffhanger, what are you trying to do to me? Why is it not Saturday yet, what is this madness?

In other areas of interest to me right now (THERE ARE OTHER AREAS???) I'm heading towards the last quarter of Game Of Thrones, so I will more than likely return with a post dedicated to my Talking About It and my ~feelings~ over it all. HOUSE STARK, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS CAN POSSIBLY DEPICT ACCURATELY. And I need to watch United tomorrow. (I know I'll love it already. How could I not? Manchester United + Tennant + Jack O'Connell. THERE IS NO BAD TO BE SEEN ANYWHERE. I am excited! I was supposed to watch it when it aired but I was asleep due to all-nighters whilst visiting the boyfriend for his house party in Chester. Blah.)
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