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fic masterlist.

Fic Masterlist By Fandom.
(ordered by date within each fandom.)

American Idol RPS

Learn To Fly (Brooke White/Michael Johns)
Eliot once said that the world ends with a whimper, maybe it starts with one too.

But Only If You Run (David Cook/David Archuleta)
David Cook was 26 years old when he signed up to fight for his country.

A Thread Cut With A Carving Knife (David Cook/David Archuleta)
A song stutter-stops and the rhythm crumbles; a broken melody. (It spills out through the gaps in his fingers, it bleeds.)

So Far Away (David Cook/David Archuleta)
Oh, he'd missed this.

You Are My Center When I Spin Away
(David Cook/David Archuleta)
The first thing he does is break into a car.

Band Of Brothers

These, Our Bodies Possessed With Light (Tell Me We'll Never Get Used To It) (Winters/Nixon)
They draw together seamlessly, without explanation; two different sides of the same spectrum.

Doctor Who/Torchwood

Wrecking Ball Through Your Eyes
(x-over with Supernatural. Dean/Martha)
They meet for the first time in West Texas.

Soldiers, You’ve Got To Soldier On
Somewhere in-between twisted metal and the sound of people’s desperate screaming ringing through his ears, Jake becomes his everything.

First Breath After A Coma
(Martha-centric, gen.)
Martha’s always been good at acting stronger than she actually is.

Prayers To A Broken Stone
The Doctor realises that, as it turns out, Eliot got it wrong.

15 (+1) Facts About Martha Jones
(Martha-centric, gen.)
Martha Jones wanted to be a doctor ever since she was 7 years old.

Five Times The Doctor Thought He Might Be Falling In Love With Martha Jones (And One Time He Knew He Definitely Was)
“You were never really just a passenger were you?”


In Your Fire And In Your Flood
There are moments when Merlin can’t tell if he is awake or dreaming; can’t quite decipher the slight difference between the two shades. The lines are starting to –

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