that's how you let the beat build, bitch.

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non, je ne regrette rien

thou shalt dance under streetlights in the rain.
thou shalt play your music loud; dail it up to eleven, until your chest hurts and your bones shake.
thou shalt spend 95% of all waking hours with some form of a soundtrack.
thou shalt sing at the top of your lungs; eyes shut and head back towards the sky.
thou shalt eat too much cheese.
thou shalt never question the word of stephen fry, joss whedon, neil gaiman or the moff.
thou shalt laugh as much as you can, laugh until you cry, laugh until it hurts. it's good for you.
thou shalt not hang around waiting for things to happen, go out and make them.
thou shalt wear the brightest colours you can, as much as you can.
thou shalt pledge alligence to barack obama and his administration of fierce.
thou shalt watch too many tv shows and spend too much time on livejournal.
thou shalt abuse the capslock button.
thou shalt never take the name heathus christ in vain.
thou shalt not believe in false idols, believe only in youself and those around you.
thou shalt go glen coco.
thou shalt shake it like a polariod picture.
thou shalt say "no" to music snobbery, it isn't cool.
thou shalt quote 80s movies as much as possible.
thou shalt scream when you need to scream and cry when you need to cry.
thou shalt never forget pokemon, power rangers or the care bears.
thou shalt party like the world is ending.
thou shalt love with all your heart.
thou shalt never change yourself for anyone.
thou shalt not love wisely, but too well.
thou shalt always be yourself.


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"But aren't all livers in your country designed for drinking?"
-- tenfeethigh on Britian.

my name is laura. i love manchester united more than anything.
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